Thursday, March 28, 2013


Let The Games Begin

Many (many) moons ago, my somewhat pregnant wife and I excitedly boarded a plane for a quick romantic getaway to Paris, the city of looooove.  Three and a half days totally enveloped in the sights, sounds, gastronomic delicacies, art, and culture of "Le Gai Paris". Just two young Americans culturally evolving.............

I believe the exact quote after ten minutes in the Louvre was something like" well this kinda sucks (excuse my French), maybe we can grab a burger and catch Seinfeld back at the hotel." It seemed Drew Carey,  and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was all the culture we would ever need.....

2012 Battle Winner: Alla Maslennikova. All Hail!!
Many moons later,  a cultural caterpillar now longing to be a butterfly, I  sat determined to leave my mark. With no artistic skills to speak of, I devised a contest where 80 bead artists would be invited to participate in an series of elimination "battles" to determine which piece of original beadwork best captured the imagination of their fellow designers, bead shop owners, magazine editors, and the beady public at large.  The winner would get............NOTHING. 
Well, designers loved the idea of winning nothing so much, the 2013 "Battle Of The Beadsmith" will feature 192 of them, representing 40 different countries. 

On April 1st the clock begins running for the 192, as history shall remember them. Through bent needle, and frayed thread the 192 will sweat and toil, pushing their beady capabilities beyond that of mere mortal men and women.
191 of them will fall, but their art will live on forever (or for as long as Facebook remains a free site)
To follow all the Battle action: Rules, list of Battlers, etc
Official Beadsmith Facebook page, featuring new product information and general inspiration: