Friday, March 22, 2013

Designed by Isabella Lam- Israel

 Faster than a speeding's SuperDuo's 
(or six brand new colors anyway)

The Superduo, the tapered 2.5 x 5mm 2-holed  Czech revelation, has recently been made available in  six new exciting colors.  SuperDuo patterns, and designs,  have been popping up in industry magazines worldwide, as designers everywhere are "having a go" at the Duo's unique shape, and incredible color palette. 

New Available Super Duo Colors:
  • DU050030-14457 Crystal/Green Luster
  • DU050030-14495 Crystal/Red Luster
  • DU0503000-14413 Orange Luster On Chalk
  • DU0533050-86800 Opaque Blue Travertin
  • DU0560020-28171 Aqua/Gold Vitral Matte
  • DU0563030-43400 Turquoise Blue Picasso

Ask for genuine SuperDuos at your local Bead Shop. Sign up for a class, expand your beady horizons. With SuperDuos the design possibilities are endless...

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