Friday, August 16, 2013

(available for pre-order, in stock soon)

MWB10 "Mini" Macrame Board

~ The MWB10 measures  8.5" x 12" (slightly larger than an I-pad), ideal for projects on the go ~

~constructed from a lightweight durable foam, in an easy on the eyes Taupe, for frequent usage~

~ from the finest silks to toughest nylons, the MWB10's smooth surface won't snag your cords~  

~specially designed notches  for perfect tension and easy cord management~

~fully gridded, the MWB10, acts as a convenient measuring guide~ 

~The MWB10 is self-healing, using pins will not damage the surface of your board~  

courtesy,  Sherri Hartman Stokey

Ideal for.... 

~Micro Macramé~

~Pendants and bracelets using ten or fewer cords~ 


~ Shamballa, and Cup Chain bracelets~