Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 Learn how to use SuperDuo Beads
with seed beads to make
beautiful jewelry!

Proudly Introducing:
Beading with SuperDuos
(Item #BK416)

To quote Steven Weiss, part of  the BeadSmith's managers team:  "Congratulations to Cynthia Newcomer Daniel on a job well done. Her "Beading With SuperDuos" is real.... and it's spectacular!"

Here is a Sneak Peak:
"Are you ready to take your beading to a whole new level? SuperDuos combine perfectly with seed beads, and come in so many beautiful colors and finishes. Use them to add an exciting new dimension to your bead weaving; in this booklet, you will learn how to use SuperDuos to add texture and interest to your own jewelry designs. Two holes make SuperDuos fun and different to use; SuperDuos add stability and structure to beadweaving, allowing you to do things that seed beads alone can’t do. Because of that, there are a few new things to learn..."

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel has been beading and
making jewelry for nearly 50 years;  her grandmothers and her parents were her first teachers. In addition to working  with beads, she also enjoys creating with textiles, fibers and precious metals. She 
loves to experiment, and enjoys adapting techniques from one medium to another. 
A native Californian, she gets much of her inspiration from nature; you can see the 
golden hills, blue skies, and rich colors of the vineyards that surround her home in 
her beading. You can see more of her work at: http://JewelryTales.com

Includes a Bonus Gallery
of SuperDuo Jewelry
from around the world!

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