Sunday, December 15, 2013


Introducing the
Spotlight Micro Engraver. 

(Item# MCR02)

Lets face it, sometimes you need a little extra light to see those small details... and the new Micro Engraver comes with one built in! With a light squeeze of the button your area will be illuminated and you will be ready to engrave away.

Ideal for engraving metal, glass,
   wood, ceramics, and more!
LED spotlight to brighten area   
Comfortable contoured grip allows for greater control 
Includes two round diamond-tip bits & an allen key 
Compact pen-like design 
Battery operated

Hold the engraver as you would hold a pencil, with either your thumb or forefinger over the button. The button is very sensitive, so only a light touch is required to activate it. Touch the bit to the item to be engraved. 
TIP: Practice on inexpensive material to get a feel for it before attempting to engrave finished jewelry items.

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