Thursday, February 27, 2014

PRE-ORDER NOW! Swarovski Spring/Summer 2015

Now Available for Pre-Order 
Swarovski's New Line-Up Of Colors for Spring/Summer 2015
Including a NEW SHAPE: The Skull Bead!

Tangerine: "Inspired by the sun, this color will lead the way to brighter moods and happiness. Its sunrise/sunset tones awaken primal feelings and nourish the soul. Unique to Swarovski, Tangerine is an outstanding technical development that makes it possible to offer an orange hue that is inspired by the genuine gemstone Mandarin garnet. It is not only beautiful, but also complies with the standards set out in Swarovski's CLEAR program."

Crystal Iridescent Green : "Crystal Iridescent Green is unique to Swarovski. Its shifting, shimmering effects create a mysterous aura and awaken curiousity and attraction."
" ..Its magnetic, metallic blue-green sheen recalls enchanting Arabian nights, sparking dragonfliers, and the fathomless depths below shimmering waves. Powerful. Mysterious. Irresistible."

Iridescent Green Pearl : "Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl has a captivating iridescent shimmer that lends a mysterious and sensual edge to glamour looks and a spirited vibe to opulent vintage styles. The perfect enhancement for classic designs that will conquer the market in no time!"  


 Crystal Skull Bead:  The latest precision cutting technology has now made it possible to create the Skull Bead, a unique masterpiece in crystal design. The highly sophisticated multi-layer cut offers exceptional subtlety and delicacy in its profiling of the skull. It is available as a 13 mm or 19 mm bead, in crystal, crystal ab, and jet.
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