Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pre-Order Now: Miyuki Delica Duracoat Opaque Dyed!!!

Now Available for pre-order 

 Miyuki Delica Duracoat® Opaque Dyed Beads

 Duracoat® is an invisible, thicker & more durable coating for outside dyed or galvanized beads which makes the finish more resistant to chipping and fading.* Duracoat® beads are excellent for use in loom & off-loom beaded jewelry projects or any design which will be subjected to a lot of skin contact or friction.

• Size 11/0 Delica
• 42 colors to choose from
• Available in 50 gm bag
   or 7.2 gm tube

*Please note that that Duracoat® is not a permanent finish but rather a protective layer which will greatly extend the life of the color. 

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PDF Color Chart

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