Wednesday, July 16, 2014


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What is Fashion Stretch?
Fashion Stretch is 30mm wide flat spandex material that when stretched forms into a 5mm tube!
What Can It Be Used With?
Fashion Stretch can be used with a large variety of beads, charms, jumprings, tubes, and sliders.
How Do You Wear Fashion Stretch?
Since Fashion Stretch stretches, you can create a necklace that can also be worn as a wrap bracelet, A bracelet, that can be worn as a hair tie, the possibilities are endless.
What are the Highlights of Fashion Stretch?
Fashion Stretch is Perfect for Summer! It dries very quickly so no need to worry about getting it wet at the pool or beach. It dries just like your swim suit, and comes in a variety of colors, with patterns coming soon!

We are having a lot of fun creating one-of-a-kind beach ready jewelry her at the BeadSmith office... here is a collection of what we have created so far:

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