Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Must Have My Zapper

Hi, it's Leslie, taking over the blog!

My First Beadsmith Blog. Where to start? How about telling you about an indispensable tool for any bead stitcher? 

I don't know how I did without a thread zapper. Fear kept me wary. Burn thread close to my labor? That's cray cray! At the same time I still needed scissors that would cut Wildfire, in particular, and to get in to close spots.  But now I am a convert. I have this thread zapper that retracts, the Ultra Thread Zap, and it is truly an indispensable tool. Fabulous. It works so fast and so safely I am almost embarrassed I was a’skeered. Did I say I don’t know how I did without this? Seriously! The filament is fine and tiny, can get close but is within your control. And the delicate filament tip won’t get damaged --this is so smart--because the tip is hidden until you push it out, and retracts as soon as you let go. So, you also won't burn something inadvertently when you put it down. 

A little sizzle in a hot product. Ask at your local bead shop, it's from the Beadsmith.


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  2. That will be my next purchase!

  3. I have an older one and love it but this looks so much more efficient that I may ungrade.